Google Allo is Finally Here


Following up from the previous introduction of Google Allo, Allo has now been released for Android and iOS devices.

Allo is a new smart messaging app for Android and iOS that helps you say more and do more right in your chats. Google Allo can help you make plans, find information, and express yourself more easily in chat. And the more you use it, the more it improves over time.


Allo is meant to make your conversations easier and more expressive. It’s based on your phone number (, so you can get in touch with anyone in your phonebook. And with deeply integrated machine learning, Allo has smart features to keep your conversations flowing and help you get things done.


  • Smart Reply, which suggests responses to messages based on context, and comes with fun ways to make your chats more expressive.
  • Emojis, stickers, and the ability to get creative with photos.
  • Incognito mode that provides end-to-end encryption, discreet notifications, and message expiration.
  • Smart Reply – so you can respond to messages without typing a single word. Smart Reply learns over time and will show suggestions that are in your style and it also works with photos, providing intelligent suggestions related to the content of the photo.
  • Google assistant, bringing the richness of Google directly into your chats—helping you find information, get things done, and have fun. You can chat one-on-one with the assistant, or call on Google in a group chat with friends.

Google Allo is already available for Android and iOS, and the app will be available worldwide in the next few days.

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