Google announces Pixel Phone – Available to Pre-order from Today

Pixel, Phone by Google

Today, Google announced for the first time a family of products that brings people the best of Google through hardware and software made by Google. 

Pixel is designed with 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 4 on the front display and back glass to accent the aerospace grade aluminum body. The glass on the back also features Pixel Imprint, a fingerprint sensor, which is placed on the back of the phone where your finger expects it. You can even swipe it to access your notifications. Also, Pixel’s battery that lasts up to seven hours with a fast charge of 15 minutes.


Pixel is the first phone with the Google Assistant built in. With your Assistant, you can have a natural conversation with Google to find answers or get things done on the go. Say “Ok Google” or touch and hold the Home button and your Assistant is ready to help. Ask it for a brief update on your day or to play a video on YouTube. Look up traffic on the way home from work or when the nearest pharmacy closes. You can even say “show me my camping photos with Andrew” and it’ll instantly display the photos you’re looking for. Your Assistant can also offer help with what’s on-screen in any app. So if your friend texts you to meet up at a new restaurant, you can just say “navigate there”.

Hardware Details



Color and Size

Pixel comes in two sizes, 5” or 5.5”, and three colors: Very Silver, Quite Black and the limited edition for the U.S. only, Really Blue.

colors sizes

Cost and Availability

Pixel is available for pre-order today starting at $649 in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Germany and Australia. Pre-orders in India will begin October 13. In the U.S., Exclusive deal in the works with Verizon to make Pixel available nationwide at all Verizon retail outlets, including Best Buy stores.

Pixel is being offered unlocked on the Google Store and also, Pixel is the latest device to work on the Fi network Project Fi.

price preorder

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