Samsung Educates Students on Safe Driving using Cheil’s VR App – Beat the Street


Samsung, Cheil, VVN and WeMakeVR have joined forces in creating a road awareness campaign using Virtual reality.  Beat the Street’ campaign comprises a virtual reality app that simulates potentially dangerous traffic situations for students’ navigation.  The app is based on a concept developed by creative marketing agency Cheil, and it succeeds in conveying critically important lessons in traffic safety and awareness in an immersive and engaging manner.

Developed by Dutch VR-production studio WeMakeVR, the Beat the Street app allows users to safely experience and manage potentially hazardous traffic conditions. Upon strapping on the game’s Samsung Gear VR headset, users are thrust into pressing traffic situations and forced to make calculated decisions in order to navigate the jungle of cars and motorcycles.

Samsung Gear VR | Beat the Street virtual reality game

The game requires users to carefully consider whether they should, for instance, cross the street or wait, answer their phone or let it ring, and encourages them to be ever-aware of oncoming traffic. The app educates students on a very serious matter but incorporates key comical elements to create a lighthearted tone, allowing students to learn important lessons while having fun. By letting the youngsters experience these potential dangers in an entertaining virtual world, we help them avoid the same hazards in reality.

Samsung, Cheil, VVN and WeMakeVR officially launched the campaign on September 22 at IJsselcollege High School in Rotterdam, Netherlands. After an informative introduction by Vice President of Samsung Electronics Netherlands Menno van den Berg, Corporate Affairs Manager Michiel Dijkman, Director of IJsselcollege Bram van Welie and VVN Director Felix Cohen, more than 30 children were invited to be the first to test their skills in the virtual traffic scenarios.

Samsung Gear VR | Beat the Street virtual reality game

In the coming months Samsung will organize a road tour for visiting high schools across the country to allow more children to experience the Beat the Street game. Many Samsung employees have already enthusiastically volunteered to join us in the endeavor and help share the immersive safety experience with more students.

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