Alphabet (Google) Releases Surprise Android N Developer Preview


Alphabet (Google) just  released a surprise developer preview of its next version of Android, code-named N which will only be available on Nexus devices for the time being. Google normally release their dev-previews at the I/O developer conference, which takes place in May, but this comes as a surprise. why wait right?.

Interestingly, The most notable new feature is the addition of split-screen multitasking, which is not a new feature to Apple iOS users on iOS 9. The “good news” however is that both Nexus phones and tablets will be able to utilize this new feature, compared to  how only iOS tablets with sufficient RAM support Apple’s Split View. How this runs on the mentioned Android devices without compromising the system performance is another interesting take. Other features include improving notifications and overall system efficiency.

The verge has posted their hands-on preview of the new OS. Read their verdict here

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