BBM on iOS review

bbmA personal review on the newly released BBM for iOS This is perhaps the most exciting news of the year in the cross platform messaging world. 

To start with, the app is light to download which is a good thing for subsequent updates, then over to the design, push notifications etc. 


  • It’s BBM
  • Works on WiFi as well as on Cellular (even GPRS).
  • Still does a good job in compressing pictures or files sent, better than Whatsapp.
  • Connects instantly compared to any other  CPM App. Eg. KIK, Whatsapp
  • Doesn’t consume extra battery juice (at least that i have noticed). 


  • It still crashes when you have too many active chats or try switching between chats, when you receive a picture and try to view it and random crashes. 
  • BBM Display Pictures don’t download in full pixels and are not clear (Or are they just over compressed) and the Display Pictures don’t open when clicked once.
  • The message preview that shows when chatting can’t be closed even if you click on the X button, it still takes you right to the message. 
  • The chat screen is basically useless when typing, you have to stop typing then click on the screen to see the earlier conversation. 
  • Sometimes Push notifications sometimes don’t show you the pushed messages, takes a bit to come around. 
  • The chat screen has too many things going on and it still isn’t fully retina. 
  • Smaller chat bubbles and nicer fonts would be appreciated. 

Hopefully in the coming updates some more ‘bugs’ will be fixed, but on the User Interface i doubt if anything will be done since this is how BBM looks on BB10 Devices. 


The two new updates seems to have fixed quite a number of bugs. Hopefully they add more features and push out more updates.

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