Dead Rising 4 to get Free Trial, New Difficulty Modes & Customisation

Dead Rising 4 is to see the introduction of two new game difficulty modes and a Street Fighter outfit pack, both free to all players. The DLC contains a patch fixing several bugs, and a 1 hour timed trial is being launched to attract new players to Dead Rising 4.

  •  The new difficulty modes will be available to players on Jan 30.
  • The outfits will be available in game on Jan 30
  • The timed trial experience will be available beginning Jan 31
  • For players wishing to purchase the full packaged product of the Xbox One game, look for retailers to begin offering it in late February.

The mayhem continues with two all-new difficulty modes

Frank will need to be a lot more careful and aware of his surroundings when trying to survive on a higher difficulty. Enemies do more damage; Frank’s weapons break faster and food restores less health than before. 

Frank West Meets Street Fighter

While in game, just visit your wardrobe and you will find these five outfits for your ultimate zombie fighting experience.

Play for Free with Limited Timed Trial

Availability of a 60-minute timed trial experience for Xbox One. The trial will allow new players to earn achievements and carry saved game progress into the full game should they decide to purchase at the end of the trial period.  Players can experience both single player Story Mode as well as Multiplayer during the trial period.

Dead Rising 4 Releases in Germany

Xbox One and Windows 10 PC players in Germany will be able to purchase and play Dead Rising 4 from the Microsoft Store on Jan. 31, marking the first time a Dead Rising title has been available in the market. 

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