Fix for Battery Drain on iOS 9xx


 This post was originally written for iOS 8.2 but it applies to the most current iOS 9.2.1 (as if Apple was ever going to fix battery problems)

If you have noticed a slight / huge drop in your battery performance after updating to the recent iOS 8.2, try the following steps which might help.


  • This is not a guaranteed or official fix, but what has worked for me sofar. The next iOS update (8.3) might likely fix the drain issue. (Nope it didn’t)
  • If you use the Health feature a lot then you might not be interested in this because the fix requires you to turn off a feature that Health pulls data from

1. Go to Settings – Privacy

2. Scroll down and select Motion & Fitness

3. There are two options (for me), but depending on the apps you use there might be more options if you have running or exercise apps.

4. Turn Fitness Tracking off

5. Restart your phone and try performing a full cycle at least once. (Charge your phone when it’s drained right up to 100 without disconnecting)

6. In iOS 9.XX, there is a feature called Wi-Fi Assist and what this does is to switch your data connection to Cellular when your WiFi signal is low. The  frequent radio mode switching has an effect on battery life and you may see your phone needing more charge than usual. To turn this off: Go to Settings– Cellular Scroll down to the very bottom – Turn off Wi-Fi Assist.

Extra: You can also download Battery Doctor from the app store free. It works.

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Thanks. Worked for me