Google joins Facebook’s Open Compute Project

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Facebook OCP-australiannationalreview

Remember The Open Compute Project? Well, they have a new important member Alphabet (Google). Google has joined the Open Compute Project, or OCP, which Facebook formed in 2011 to save energy costs on computer servers that help power the Internet.

“We’re excited to announce that we’re joining the Open Compute Project (OCP) to help drive standardization in IT infrastructure. More specifically, Google will contribute a new rack specification that includes 48V power distribution and a new form factor to allow OCP racks to fit into our data centers.” – John Zipfel, technical program manager at Google.

The Open Compute is a project initiated by Facebook book and it’s committed to minimizing the environmental impact of infrastructure technology and energy consumption through continued evolution in energy and material efficiency.

Other big notable members:

Apple (joined 2015). Due to the huge success with consumer devices which has resulted in the rapid expansion of data centers to support projects like Apple’s Siri and its iCloud operations.

Microsoft (joined 2014). The OCP technology has been used to power its Windows Azure cloud computing platform, Office 365 and Bing.

Cisco (joined 2014). At first, Cisco was critical of OCP and Cisco CEO John Chambers said OCP has “weaknesses” that Cisco can exploit.

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