Intel’s 360-degree replay Technology to be used in NBA Conference Finals and The Finals


Intel Corporation’s unique three-dimensional 360-degree replay technology is being used during the NBA Conference Finals and The Finals as part of national broadcast games on ABC, ESPN and Turner Sports. This technology was also used during the 2016NBA All Star Game in Toronto.

Intel’s technology, installed in several playoff arenas, brings fans closer to the action through thrilling 360-degree replays and highlights.  A single video replay using massive data collected from ultra-high-definition cameras will enable viewers to virtually fly around the action and see it from almost every conceivable angle, providing unparalleled views into the game.

Intel 360 replay technology stitches together video captured by these cameras into one seamless shot, which can then be manipulated and rotated for a unique view of the play from all angles.

These replays will be available to fans following the action during broadcasts or via, the NBA App and social media.

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