LG Expands its IoT Echosystem With Its Smart InstaView Refrigerator and Other Accessories


LG has been demonstrating its expanding smart home ecosystem with more partnerships and collaborations, highlighted by its cooperation with Amazon at IFA 2016. LG is showcasing smart technology that actively understands consumer usage patterns and provides optimal solutions that cater to different user lifestyles.



At IFA 2016, LG will also be introducing a host of new IoT accessories including SmartThinQ Lightbulb, SmartThinQ Plug and SmartThinQ Motion Sensor that all work seamlessly with LG’s SmartThinQ Hub and Sensors.

Also on demonstrating is LG’s Smart InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator equipped with a 29-inch transparent Touch LCD screen at IFA. Powered by the Intel Compute Stick, a tiny computer with an Intel Atom processor, this refrigerator can be used as both a monitor and a window to peek inside the fridge without opening the door using Knock-On, which makes the screen transparent with only two raps.

The refrigerator shown at IFA 2016 will be capable of running various useful apps to view recipes, listen to music, watch videos and even shop online. LG SIGNATURE refrigerator that evolves to suit customers’ different lifestyles by picking up environmental and usage patterns through advanced sensor technology. The LG SIGNATURE refrigerator features 2.0 megapixel panoramic super-wide-lens inter-nal camera to capture interior images from various angles that can be viewed on a smartphone by the user while grocery shopping.

This advanced appliance includes sensors for the door, humidity as well as external and internal temperature. The temperature sensor can tell when warm or hot food has been placed inside the refrigerator and adjusts the fan accordingly 30 percent faster cooling than conventional refrigerators.

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