Meet Bamboo – The first Windows 10 IoT Core robot running on Intel Joule

It took just about 6 weeks for the Windows IoT team to build Bamboo, the first Windows 10 IoT Core and Intel Joule powered robot.




Bamboo connects to cloud-based Microsoft Azure and Cognitive Services, which provide sentiment analysis and translation, so you can speak to Bamboo in any language and she can translate into her native English and understand your mood via Twitter.

Bamboo can move about and build an understanding of her environment with the compute platform and an Intel® RealSense™ camera. Additionally, she is animated via the EZ-Robot EZ-B control system.


EZ-Robot integrated the Intel® Joule™ with Windows 10 IoT Core into their EZ-B V5, making EZ-Robot the first custom integrator of the Intel® Joule™ using Windows 10 IoT Core. EZ-Robot displayed the new control module and multiple robots running on this new platform.

Using the EZ-Builder software for Windows and a newly released EZ-Robot UWP library, you can design and animate your robots on a Windows PC, as well as auto-generate and export UWP control code to run on the EZ-B V5. This functionality was used to animate Bamboo.

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