Meet FlyWeb – A Mozilla Connected Devices Project


This is one of the most interesting IoT projects out there and if successfully implemented, it will be a widely accepted technology that can be implemented with almost everything of our everyday life.


Whats is FlyWeb

FlyWeb is a very simple idea at its core. Instead of phones interacting only with the cloud, they can discover and interact with electronics around them that are running empty web clients, such as TV’s, projectors, game consoles, etc. The electronics come to life when connected to phones. The key here is that either the phones serve web apps to these electronics, or the electronics serve web apps to the phones.


FlyWeb is currently in it’s Platform Development as at January 2016, and it’s On Target to reach its Milestone. Check the status here

Reason behind FlyWeb

Mozilla gives an explanation for Project FlyWeb

The connected devices market is ready to explode. As the market grows, much like the early internet, these devices are being segregated into walled gardens of one-off proprietary initiatives, such as AirPlay, the Google Cast API, etc. These solutions not only lock their users into specific vendor ecosystems — to the benefit of those vendors and detriment of their users — but also require significant investment to solve each use case.

Many of these connected devices initiatives have common underlying platform needs:

  • to discover and connect devices together,
  • enable bi-directional communication,
  • allow arbitrary, but secure code execution on each side,
  • and require knowledge of as few details of a device’s peers as possible.

The web is the best platform for serving all of these needs. Indeed, it has been designed for them for over a decade.

FlyWeb Demo using P2P by Kanan.


We will keep you posted with new FlyWeb status and progress. You can also follow the Mozilla blog for more information

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