Microsoft Build 2016 Keynote – New features coming to Windows 10 and UWP

Build 2016

Microsfot Build 2016 event is happening today at San Francisco and the Moscone Center later this week.

Watch the Live webcast

  • As we earlier mentioned, The Development Edition starts shipping today.Hololens
  • DirectX 12 games on Windows 10 – Unlock the full potential of your PC’s graphics hardware with DirectX 12 build8
  • The Xbox Retail to Dev Kit will let you build and test UWP apps and games for Xbox One.build7
  • With Xamarin, iOS and Android developers can easily bring their code to 6
  • The new desktop app convertor will enable you to easily bring Win32 or .NET apps to the Universal Windows Platformbuild5
  • Windows 10 now has support for Bash and the universe of open source command line tools.build3
  • Visual Studio Update 2, and a preview of the Windows Anniversary SDK.build20162
  • Windows Hello to unlock devices, apps, and protected sites on Microsoft Edge without a password.build2016
  • Turn thoughts into action with Windows Ink – using the pen, your fingertip, or both at once.build4


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