Microsoft Cloud Services had the Highest Growth in 2015


Microsoft had the most growth in the cloud in 2015—by 124% on a YoY (year-over-year) basis in 4Q15. By comparison, Google’s (GOOG) Cloud Platform recorded a 108% growth, and Amazon’s AWS grew 63% in 4Q15. Although it should be noted that (AMZN) continues to stand tall in the overall cloud space. According to Synergy Research Group, Amazon commanded close to 31% of market share of overall cloud space in 2015.

Top four players dominate the cloud space

As the chart shows, Microsoft and Google grew the most among peers in 4Q15, whereas IBM continues to lead the private and hybrid cloud space. According to Synergy Research, the top four tech players exceeded the market growth as a whole and collectively accounted for about half of the global cloud space.

cloud-growth 2015According to John Dinsdale, Chief Analyst and Research Director at Synergy Research Group, “The big four cloud operators are continuing to run away with the market.” This explains whyMicrosoft and IBM are so hungry for buyouts in the cloud space.

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