Minecraft Education Edition to Launch on November 1


Microsoft has announced the full version of Minecraft: Education Edition will be available to purchase on November 1. For educators interested in trying the new title in their classroom for free before purchasing, the early access version ofMinecraft: Education Edition will still be available for free through November 1.


Minecraft: Education Edition continues to be built on feedback from the educator community and features and capabilities they have told us are important to enhancing the learning experience. While we debuted several of these features with early access in June, we’re excited to roll out even more key capabilities in November, including:

class mode

Classroom Mode: A companion app for Minecraft: Education Edition that enables educators to manage world settings, communicate with students, give items and teleport students in the Minecraft world. It displays a map view of the Minecraftworld, a list of all the students in the world, a set of world management settings and a chat window. There is even aMinecraft clock to show time of day in the world. Classroom Mode offers educators the ability to interact with students and manage settings from a central user interface.

New Minecraft game features: We will continue to updateMinecraft: Education Edition to include new game features from other editions of Minecraft. All the latest updates to Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition beta will be included, such as leads and horses, additional player skins, pistons and the remainder of Redstone functionality and an updated user interface.

Those new to using Minecraft in the classroom can also check out education.minecraft.net, which includes lesson plans, starter worlds, a tutorial experience, and the Minecraft Mentors program, which connects educators with others experienced in teaching with Minecraft. Explore ideas and lesson plans created by educators covering topics from storytelling and poetry to city planning, sustainable living and geometry.

The complete version of Minecraft: Education Edition will be available for purchase on November 1st and will be available for $5 per user, per year, or through a district-wide licensing model.

Requirements to begin using Minecraft: Education Edition early access:

For more information and resources on Minecraft: Education Edition, visit education.minecraft.net

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