Mozilla Launches Project Link for Internet of Things


Mozilla has just launched a new project for connected devices or Internet of Things, called Project Link. The project is aimed at the ever close future technology known as Internet of Things, where all devices are connected irrespective of their physical location e.g. Smart homes, smart cars, smart transport etc. You can somewhat call IoT the big brother of Cloud Computing.


Project Link (formerly Foxlink) aims to be your own, personal user agent for the smart home, creating a web of things that is completely yours. Instead of entrusting your data to a third party, your Link agent understands your preferences for how you want to interact with the world of devices in your home, and can even automate your connected world for you. All of this still done conveniently and securely, but completely under your control. Mozilla is also looking for developers to enroll on this project. Project Link will be developed with Rust programming language.”

Other Connected Projects by Mozilla:

  • Project Sensor Web: SensorWeb is a blueprint to enable many hyper local uses cases and make sure everyone gets to access that data. It can be the real-time air quality of their neighboring street, the current wait time at their favorite cafe, water quality from rivers close to the village, etc.Today, we all use the web to access information generated by people. SensorWeb envisions a future of web that everyone freely shares and accesses real-time sensor data for better understanding of our living environment. Contributors can find a problem they want to solve with sensors and easily publish the sensor data on the web as they do with the web pages today. When a web user searches for information online, they will be presented with the relevant real-time data published by a sensor, or insights from analyzing hundreds or thousands of sensor data.
  • Project Smart Home: A middle ground between “in a box” solutions like Apple Homekit and DIY solutions like Raspberry Pi. Combining modular, affordable hardware with easy-to-use rules, Smart Home empowers people to solve unique everyday problems in new and creative ways.People want affordable, easy-to-use smart home technology, but some of life’s everyday problems can’t be solved using “in a box” systems. People could solve these problems through DIY solutions like Raspberry Pi, but these solutions are far too complicated for most people.A smart home powered by Mozilla would be open and accessible to everyone – financially, technically, and creatively. No one else can do all of these.
  • Project Vaani:  Vaani is An IoT enabler package to developers, device makers and users, it aims to bring a voice to the Internet of Things (IoT) using open, Mozilla-backed technologies. We believe a voice interface is the most natural way to interact with connected devices, but currently, there are no open solutions available at scale. With Vaani, we plan to offer an “IoT enabler package” to developers, device makers, and end users who want to add a voice interface to their devices in a flexible and customizable way, while avoiding the need to “lock-in” with one of the major commercial players. Initially, Vaani will target smart homes, but will eventually expand to voice-enable a wider range of applications of IoT.
  • WebVR: Bringing high performance virtual reality to the open web (iOS, Android & Oculus Rift)
  • FlyWeb: FlyWeb is a very simple idea at its core. Instead of phones interacting only with the cloud, they can discover and interact with electronics around them that are running empty web clients, such as TV’s, projectors, game consoles, etc. The electronics come to life when connected to phones. The key here is that either the phones serve web apps to these electronics, or the electronics serve web apps to the phones.

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