New Xbox One Game Titles for January 2018 Week 1

Two new games of 2018 are set to drop on Xbox One this week:

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III – Outbreak: The New Nightmare

Return as the legendary monster hunter one last time in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III. This time, Van Helsing will take up arms against his most dangerous foe yet in this explosive final chapter in this classic gothic horror third-person ARPG. Available 01/01/18

Outbreak: The New Nightmare – The survival horror game. 

Image from Steam Community |

Enter an unforgiving survival horror experience as you fight for your life against oppressive odds. The horrors of Arzt Memorial Hospital were just the beginning of the outbreak. As the infection spread across the city, local law enforcement fell quickly. You now find yourself trapped in a hellscape with only  few remaining survivors. Scavenge the environment for supplies, face off against the undead and do anything it takes to survive.

Available from 03/01/2018 and to pre-order

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