NVIDIA Announces World’s First Functionally Safe AI Self-Driving Platform – NVIDIA DRIVE at CES2018

NVIDIA at CES2018 today unveiled details of its functional safety architecture for NVIDIA DRIVE, its AI autonomous vehicle platform. 

NVIDIA DRIVE PX is the AI car computer that enables automakers, truck makers, tier 1 suppliers, and startups to accelerate production of automated and autonomous vehicles. It scales from a single processor configuration delivering AutoCruise capabilities, to a combination of multiple processors and discrete GPUs designed to drive fully autonomous robotaxis.

NVIDIA DRIVE IX software concept | NVIDIA.com
NVIDIA DRIVE IX software concept | NVIDIA.com

NVIDIA DRIVE provides a holistic safety platform that includes process, technologies and simulation systems comprising of: Processor Design and Hardware Functionality, Processes, Software, Algorithms and Virtual Reality Simulation.

DRIVE PX Pegasus | NVIDIA.com

The architecture is available in a variety of configurations. These range from one passively cooled mobile processor operating at 10 watts, to a multi-chip configuration with four high performance AI processors — delivering 320 trillion deep learning operations per second (TOPS) — that enable Level 5 autonomous driving.

The NVIDIA DRIVE PX platform combines deep learning, sensor fusion, and surround vision to change the driving experience. It is capable of understanding in real-time what’s happening around the vehicle, precisely locating itself on an HD map, and planning a safe path forward.
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