Quantum Break becomes best-selling Xbox game and No.1 most played new game on Xbox, worldwide.

Quantum Break

Microsoft announced yesterday that Quantum Break was the #1 best-selling Xbox game around the world last week, and is now officially the biggest-selling new Microsoft Studios published IP this generation. In addition, last week Quantum Breakwas the #1 most played new game on Xbox, worldwide.

“The level of excitement we have seen from our fans around the world for Quantum Break has been humbling. We want to thank the community for their support for helping us achieve this international success.”

“Making Quantum Break has been a long journey. Creating a new AAA franchise is always a risk and a huge investment, but at Remedy we want to push ourselves, explore new ideas and realize new visions,” said Sam Lake, Creative Director at Remedy Entertainment. “It’s wonderful to see gamers want that too. We’re hugely grateful for the positive reception and glad to see that the story of Jack Joyce and Paul Serene resonates with so many players.”

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