Sky Mobile Unveiled – Available from £10 Per Month

Sky has launched its new mobile service – Sky Mobile, which aims to provide the most flexible plans and affordable solution to current issues facing UK consumers. Sky Mobile was first announced  November 2016, and with the UK mobile market currently valued at £15 billion, it’s no surprise that mega media companies like Sky would like a bite of the big pie.
Following the announcement of Sky Mobile in November, when it was revealed “UK consumers waste an estimated £2 billion  each year on mobile data”, Sky Mobile today reveals brand new research that highlights the UK’s mobile data problem even further.
Sky Mobile has been designed to reflect the way consumers use their phones today, with a combination of four key features:
  • Roll – customers can roll over any unused data into their online ‘piggybank’ each month, to use whenever they need for up to three years
  • Mix – customers can create a plan that’s right for them, which they can change every month
  • Save  – Sky TV customers  don’t have to pay for UK calls or texts with any Sky Mobile data plan, in one of Sky’s most significant deals ever offered
  • Sync – For the first time, Sky TV customers can Sync Sky+ recordings with their phone to create a personal playlist of shows they love to watch wherever they are
Sky Mobile pay monthly (PAYM) SIM plans can be found at
Later in 2017, Sky Mobile will expand its offering to include the best handsets from Apple and Samsung, as well as from other providers to be confirmed nearer the time. Customers can pre-register for handsets at


Sky Mobile comes with three simple data plans – 1GB for £10 a month, 3GB for £15 a month and 5GB for £20 a month. Sky TV customers will get free Unlimited Calls and Texts with every data plan. Non Sky TV customers can add Unlimited Calls and Texts for £10 a month, or simply pay for calls and texts on a Pay As You Use (PAYU) basis, meaning they don’t pay for inclusive calls and texts they don’t need. Sky Mobile will be the only monthly provider that gives customers this flexibility. 


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