Solitaire Premium Edition for Windows 10 is free for one week


Microsoft is offering the premium edition of Solitaire free for one week and all you have to do is sign in to the game with a Microsoft account. The free week starts at the time you log in with your Microsoft account.


If you’re a fan of Microsoft Solitaire Collection on Windows 10, then you won’t want to miss the opportunity to get one week of Premium Edition for free. All you need to do is sign in to the game with a Microsoft Account. Don’t have a Microsoft Account? Don’t worry – setting one up is a breeze, it’s totally free, and you can use any existing e-mail account. You can do that here.

Signing in with your Microsoft account also gets you an Xbox Avatar and a nickname, called a Gamertag. In Solitaire, you get achievements, access to upcoming exclusive features, and your games will be saved in the cloud so you can continue playing no matter the device you’re using.


When your free week ends, you will still retain all the benefits of being signed in like saving your games in the cloud, achievements, and access to exclusive upcoming features. And you will be able to purchase the Premium Benefits at any time.

In order to get your free Premium Edition, please make sure you have the latest update of Microsoft Solitaire Collection on Windows 10 (version 3.8.4092.0 or later). If you want to be sure you have the latest update, you can follow the steps here.

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