This app alerts you when you leave your phone at home

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Lookout, an app that helps protect your iPhone from data loss and theft, is now available on the Apple Watch. From the Apple Watch you can check the distance to your iPhone, receive alerts if you’re about to leave your iPhone behind, make the iPhone scream (emit a loud alarm), and more.

– Locates your lost iPhone or iPad from anywhere, on any Internet-connected device
– Automatically saves your device’s location before it runs out of battery
– Backs up your contacts automatically
– Notifies you if you have an out-of-date or insecure version of iOS
– Shows you the distance between your iPhone and Apple Watch, and notifies you if they’re about to lose connection.

Log in to from any computer, tablet or phone to:
– Locate your lost or missing device on a map from
– Sound a loud alarm to find your lost device if you think it’s nearby (even if you left it on silent!)
– Display a custom ‘lost’ message on your iPhone or iPad screen, complete with contact details, to get your device back faster!
– Call your missing device over the web from any web browser, in case you don’t have another phone nearby. Note: this feature is only available if you do not have a passcode on your device.
– Access your backed up contacts
– Download your contacts to transfer to a new device
– Manage multiple devices from one account

Lookout Premium is For £2.29/month or £22.99/year, and you get:
– Automatic Photo Backup – access your photos anytime at
– Theft Alerts: Get an email with the location of your iPhone or iPad when we notice behaviour that could mean it has been stolen.

You can download Lookout from the App Store for free.

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