Today is World Day Against Cyber Censorship and AdBlock is allowing these Ads


As you may or maynot have noticed, but your AD-BLOCK program isn’t really blocking ads on webpages you visit today and that is because it’s World Day Against Cyber Censorship #WDACC. Amnesty International and AdBlock have joined forces just for today, and AdBlock is “un-blocking” these banners but you can still turn them off if you wish to.

To mark the World Day Against Cyber Censorship, Edward Snowden talks to Amnesty about how governments are watching everything we do online, and why we must bring mass surveillance back under control. Other well known activists involved in this campaign include Pussy Riot and Ai Wei Wei.

Eden Snowden

If somebody who is programmed to see patterns of criminality looks at your data, they’re not going to find you – they’re going to find a criminal.

The fact that we’ve got agencies like the GCHQ looking through webcams into people’s bedrooms, into the four walls of their homes, is terrifying. The NSA is collecting billions of phone location records a day, so they know where you got on the bus, where you went to work, where you slept and what other cell phones slept with you. We have to ask: “Do we want to live in a society where we live totally naked in front of government, and they are totally opaque to us?” – Snowden

Ai Wei Wei
Al Wei Wei
pussy riot
Pussy Riot


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