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Upcoming Features in the Windows 10 Xbox App and Xbox One Update


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The Xbox team discussed new updates arriving soon on Xbox One and also in the Xbox app in Windows 10.

  • Gamerscore Leaderboard in the Achievements section and Hero Stat Leaderboards in Game Hubs
  • See Avatars in your Activity Feed if you’ve chosen to replace your gamerpic with your Avatar
  • An updated “Featured” section spotlights games, deals, community events and more
  • 16-person Party Chat is enabled across both Xbox One and the Windows 10 Xbox app
  • Xbox 360 achievements will automatically post to your Activity Feed
  • More interactive Game Hubs with web-linking
  • Compare your Avatar with your friends’ Avatars
  • Reputation interface changes, players with ‘good’ profiles will no longer feature a reputation gauge


Xbox One February 2016 update – OS version: 10.0.10586.1100

What’s new

My Games and Apps improvements

  • Hide games from ‘ready-to-install’ list in “My games and apps”. This feature was removed with the NXOE update, but due to high demand, we have brought it back. Users can once again, hide content like betas, trials, games, and apps that users no longer want to install.

Making it easier to redeem a digital code

  • Tab over to the Store and access ‘Use a code’ shortcut to the right of ‘Games store’ and ‘Search game store’

See who’s in a Party from within the guide

  • Click the ‘Chat’ button appearing immediately below a user’s name/gamertag to see who else s/he is playing with.

Gamerscore Leaderboard

  • Click ‘My Achievements’ through the sign-in tab of the guide to quickly access or select Achievements from within your profile. The leaderboard will be prominently displayed on the top of the Achievements page.
  • Comparison includes total gamerscore and biggest gains over a rolling 30-day period

Pins improvements

  • Ability to rearrange individual Pins. Highlight a pin and press the “Y” button. You can then reposition the pin to a new location. Press “Y” again to release the pin in its new location.
  • Pins accessible for launching when user is offline

Activity Feed improvements

  • Your activity feed in Xbox One Preview will inform you when there are new items in your feed. Clicking the link will take you to the top of your feed where you’ll see a run-down of the newest posts, so that you always have the freshest content at your fingertips.
  • Trending topics and friend suggestions will now display in the activity feed

Improvements to Trending

  • New access point for Trending items to the right of the Community tab
  • Links users to dedicated Trending landing page

Suggested Friends Improvements

  • Friend Suggestions areas accessible in Community and the Friends list in the guide
  • Includes link to full-screen view of all suggested friends

Joinable Twitch Broadcasts

  • If friends are broadcasting, easily launch broadcasts from Game Hubs as well as the game tile

Xbox Accessories App 

  • Several new updates to the Xbox Accessories app to make adjusting your Xbox Elite Wireless Controller easier
    • It is now easier to view and Improve your profile and configurations
    • Streamlined display of menu and editing options.

Xbox One Chatpad: Program the hotkeys

  • Program X1 and X2 functions buttons of your Xbox One Chatpad in the Devices & accessories area of Settings. Options for these buttons will include.
    • Open guide
    • Take screenshot
    • Record that
    • Send message
    • Search
    • Launch app
    • Snap app
    • Play or pause media
    • TV volume up
    • TV volume down
    • Mute TV

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