Wailing Heights is Coming to Xbox One


Xbox team today announced that Wailing Heights, the coffin-rocking, body-hopping, musical adventure game, set in with a horrific hamlet of monsters, is coming to Xbox One!



Meet Frances Finklestein, the one-time manager of the all-time greatest rock band that Great Britain ever produced: The Deadbeats. Bigger than the Beatles, the Monkees and the Addams Family combined, the world lined up to watch Fangs, Shaggy, Spectra & Z – the Gruesome Foursome – rock the haunted house every night since 1966. And Finklestein was right there with them from the beginning. In fact, many say he was the Soul of the Band.

Fast-forward 50 years to 2016. The world mourns at the news that Z, the last surviving member of the once chart­topping Deadbeats (and now chart topping solo artist), has died in a plane crash on the way to the Grammys. The last Deadbeat is now well and truly dead (which makes the Deadbeats even more popular than ever. That’s how the music industry works, doesn’t it?).

Finklestein gets a phone call that very night to host a gig in a town he’s never heard of: Wailing Heights. In fact, it’s a town nobody’s ever heard of, not even on the map. But hey, a gig’s a gig. Or is it?


As you jump from one musical monster to another, familiar sounds and faces start up show up. Fangs, Shaggy, Spectra & Z have returned as the undead, and they want to get the band back together.

Places to visit in Wailing Heights.






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